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If you follow this blog (and if you don’t we strongly recommend that you do!), you already know how critical email is to a business.…
28 May 2020
The health crisis that’s been affecting the world since the beginning of the year has unfortunately come with a series of cyberattacks: public administrations, businesses,…
30 April 2020
CNLL’s latest study published in early 2020 showed that “the open-source software industry in France is predicted to grow by 9% consistently every year until 2023,…
26 March 2020
Installing a BlueMind platform is typically straightforward, involving few steps once the architecture is defined. In some cases, however, installation needs to be industrialised in…
25 February 2020
IT decision-makers must be able to assess the total cost of a business email solution when looking into a migration project. Here are a few tips on what you need to bear in mind.
24 January 2020
Commissioned by CNLL, Syntec Numérique and Pôle Systematic Paris-Region, Teknowlogy Group has unveiled 2019 European and French open-source market figures and growth forecasts. This study covers…
20 December 2019
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