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BlueMind Digital Crisis offers an intuitive, sovereign email solution in the event of a cyberattack. Ready-to-use and available at any time, it is separate from your IT systems and maintained independently to prevent all contagion risks.
30 January 2023
What if Elon Musk’s twists and turns in taking over Twitter could teach us, Europeans, a lot about our own tech industry?
30 December 2022
Are you a fan of webmail or an unconditional user of a thick client? What if we told you that you can have the best of both worlds?
5 December 2022
Whether they’re a company, an NGO or a foundation, whether they’re for profit or not, software publishers are the champions of open-source solutions. Let us tell you why.
3 November 2022
On 29th September, BlueMind held its 2022 Summit: the biggest open-source email event in France. This article looks back on BlueMind’s key announcements at this year’s Summit.
11 October 2022
In BlueMind, from version 4.7, everything to do with certificate management is automatic and natively supported: creation, installation and, most importantly, renewal. Once it is set up, you can forget about certificates and let BlueMind handle things.
22 June 2022
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