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A feature that quickly becomes a must-have for sending large files without worries.
18 December 2020
A software publisher’s job is to build, brick by brick. Staying on course. Not letting yourself get side-tracked from your objectives
1 December 2020
In the blind spot of public environmental policies, digital technologies have an increasing impact on climate change. The good news is : something can be done about it easily, starting today.
29 October 2020
“[…] This crisis teaches us that the strategic importance of certain goods, certain products, certain materials makes European sovereignty a necessity. We must produce more…
1 October 2020
Halfway through this atypical year, we thought we’d take stock of BlueMind’s latest features and ongoing development areas in a two-part series. Here is the…
28 August 2020
The first half of 2020 has come with its share of surprises. Many of us have experienced remote work for the first time, changed work…
3 August 2020
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