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Focus on BlueMind’s work to ensure that users do not experience any disruption to their email service, even during updates or technical changes.
6 November 2023
In BlueMind, from version 4.7, everything to do with certificate management is automatic and natively supported: creation, installation and, most importantly, renewal. Once it is set up, you can forget about certificates and let BlueMind handle things.
22 June 2022
How to prepare and realize your migration to BlueMind from Exchange: all the BlueMind tools and support you”ll need to succeed
3 January 2022
BlueMind has developed a software infrastructure and tools to manage tens of thousands of email users in a smooth and resilient way. But this is only the tip of the iceberg…
30 June 2021
Halfway through this atypical year, we thought we’d take stock of BlueMind’s latest features and ongoing development areas in a two-part series. Here is the…
28 August 2020
The first half of 2020 has come with its share of surprises. Many of us have experienced remote work for the first time, changed work…
3 August 2020
If you follow this blog (and if you don’t we strongly recommend that you do!), you already know how critical email is to a business.…
28 May 2020
Installing a BlueMind platform is typically straightforward, involving few steps once the architecture is defined. In some cases, however, installation needs to be industrialised in…
25 February 2020
Software-Defined Storage BlueMind now helps you manage large email volumes by enabling Software-Defined Storage (SDS). SDS is a marketing term used for policy-based data storage…
23 October 2019
One of the key objectives of our R&D on the BlueMind solution is to design a modern architecture capable of meeting the demands of all…
11 September 2019
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