From “replacing email” to “integrating best with email”: a new strategy for Digital Workplaces

Digital Workplaces solutions have understood that email, which is always open on the employee's workstation, is in fact the launch pad for extended collaboration.
Les solutions collaboratives et l'email

In today’s hyper-connected world, organisations are increasingly in need of collaborative solutions, particularly sovereign collaborative solutions. In other words, solutions that are not subject to foreign extraterritorial laws, fluctuating European directives or dependent on a Silicon Valley CEO…

With the many scandals and frictions between the American giants and the European authorities, these issues have become crucial for French companies, local authorities and administrations. Maintaining the ability to negotiate and make choices, controlling costs… that’s the promise of the sovereign Digital Workplace that is gaining ground in France.

Gone are the days when the Digital Workplace thought it could replace email. The intrinsic characteristics of email make it irreplaceable:

  • It requires nothing more than knowing the recipient’s email address,
  • Total interoperability, no need to know the tools used by your recipient
  • Everyone is equipped and all systems, including mobile systems, offer messaging solutions or clients.

Email is the universal communication tool in the professional world and is not about to be replaced. In fact, its use is constantly increasing. The Digital Workplace has understood that email, which is always open on the employee’s workstation, is in fact the launch pad for extended collaboration. It’s no longer a question of replacing email, but of integrating it into the heart of their solutions!

Although it may seem simple and as obvious as water or oxygen, email is a profession in its own right, one that is highly constrained and demanding, requiring a rare and highly specialised expertise – in short, one that cannot be improvised.

Email is the most widely used tool. As a result, for business users, who spend an average of 5 hours a day on their email, usage takes precedence over sovereignty. It is vital that a new solution enables them to preserve their practices and habits, such as the use of Outlook and mobile phones.

BlueMind has fully embraced this challenge, becoming the only solution to be compatible with all uses: native Outlook, collaborative Thunderbird, UX webmail and mobile.

Users don’t like having to manage numerous applications, so it’s important to give them access to standard collaborative scenarios directly from their email inbox.

Launching a video from your email, attaching a file from your drive, transferring an attachment directly to a project space, transforming an email into a chat, etc. are just some of the scenarios in which BlueMind has positioned itself with different Digital Workplaces to simplify users’ lives.

For all these reasons (respect for usage, integration of extended collaborative working, technological expertise) BlueMind has become the benchmark messaging solution for delivering a sovereign global Digital Workplace.

It’s no coincidence that Interstis, Jalios, Talkspirit, Exo platform, Whaller, Go-Fast or Jamespot or portal solutions such as My  B’Suite, W’Sweet have opted to offer, integrate or use the BlueMind solution directly.

BlueMind has been selected by the government along with 5 other French digital players (Interstis, Linphone, XwikiParsec and Tranquil IT) in the “France 2030” plan to provide an all-in-one collaborative office suite platform as an alternative to Office 365

French collaborative solutions are available and mature. All we have to do is get away from the ideological or lazy positions that lead inexorably to dependence on US giants… Today we have the choice of sovereignty!

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