Les solutions collaboratives et l'email
Digital Workplaces solutions have understood that email, which is always open on the employee’s workstation, is in fact the launch pad for extended collaboration.
28 November 2023
The threat of cyber-attacks is very real and never abates. With our cybersecurity expert partner Aucae, we offer practical, immediately actionable answers to help you protect yourself and react in case of an attack
20 September 2023
Immerse yourself in the world of BlueMind 4.9 and discover how this version completes and enhances the user experience.
25 August 2023
Are you looking for information about BlueMind, resources, tools or means to participate or contribute? AllBlueMind is made for you!
19 May 2023
To help you reconcile your email usage and sobriety, BlueMind chooses to highlight 3 tools that can be easily implemented by your users to limit the impact of your emailing.
25 April 2023
Collaborative tools can make a huge difference to your teams’ productivity. But how can you make sure you choose the right ones?
20 March 2023
Are you a fan of webmail or an unconditional user of a thick client? What if we told you that you can have the best of both worlds?
5 December 2022
In BlueMind, from version 4.7, everything to do with certificate management is automatic and natively supported: creation, installation and, most importantly, renewal. Once it is set up, you can forget about certificates and let BlueMind handle things.
22 June 2022
We are proud to unveil our new version 4.6, which marks a turning point in functional integration with two major new features: a new webmail and videoconferencing
25 November 2021
BlueMind’s collaborative calendar is a productivity-enhancing tool packed with great features, made to make your life easier and save time. It works perfectly no matter how you access it: browser, mobile, Outlook or Thunderbird.
24 September 2021
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