Les solutions collaboratives et l'email
Digital Workplaces solutions have understood that email, which is always open on the employee’s workstation, is in fact the launch pad for extended collaboration.
28 November 2023
Immerse yourself in the world of BlueMind 4.9 and discover how this version completes and enhances the user experience.
25 August 2023
What if Elon Musk’s twists and turns in taking over Twitter could teach us, Europeans, a lot about our own tech industry?
30 December 2022
Whether they’re a company, an NGO or a foundation, whether they’re for profit or not, software publishers are the champions of open-source solutions. Let us tell you why.
3 November 2022
On 29th September, BlueMind held its 2022 Summit: the biggest open-source email event in France. This article looks back on BlueMind’s key announcements at this year’s Summit.
11 October 2022
Discover how BlueMind’s UX strategy puts technical enhancements at the service of better user experience.
2 June 2022
Your emails are sent out but no longer reach the recipients? Welcome to authentication problems (and their solutions)!
26 April 2022
Conversation view shows you all the messages from one thread in one place. Once you try it you won’t go back!
10 March 2022
We are proud to unveil our new version 4.6, which marks a turning point in functional integration with two major new features: a new webmail and videoconferencing
25 November 2021
BlueMind has picked up the gauntlet to bring the most user-friendly, best-integrated videoconferencing experience whatever application is used – whether it’s BlueMind’s, a partner’s or any other offer on the market.
4 November 2021
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