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The health crisis that’s been affecting the world since the beginning of the year has unfortunately come with a series of cyberattacks: public administrations, businesses,…
30 April 2020
The wave of digital transformation is revolutionizing the way we work. Overview of open source (or not) solutions for new “digital workplaces”.
2 December 2019
Software-Defined Storage BlueMind now helps you manage large email volumes by enabling Software-Defined Storage (SDS). SDS is a marketing term used for policy-based data storage…
23 October 2019
BlueMind’s latest feature lets you manage videoconferencing resources.   September is synonymous with “back-to-school” and fresh starts. It is a month full of promises that…
14 October 2019
Your suitcases are packed and your plane tickets neatly put away with your passport. This time, you haven’t forgotten the sunscreen or the mosquito repellent.…
22 July 2019
When a system breaks downs or malfunctions, finding the cause can often be tricky. This is why BlueMind 3.5.9 integrates a full (open-source) platform metrics,…
16 July 2019
Designing a modern, accessible and user-friendly webmail system is one of BlueMind’s challenges for 2019. But how can we achieve this effectively? And what for?…
19 June 2019
For non-experts, email usually is just about what they see and use, i.e. the email client, typically Outlook. In fact, Outlook is what allows users…
6 May 2019
BlueMind v4.0 beta is finally out ! Time to test and learn. Don’t hesitate to request a trial subscription to make the best out of the new version.
4 February 2019
The latest version of BlueMind’s mail solution was announced at the Paris Open Source Summit 2018, as we pressed oranges on our exhibition stand. The whole campaign was built around a blue orange, but… why? To understand the rationale behind the Blue Orange, you must understand BlueMind’s v.4.0’s mission and why it has taken so long – 5 years — to come out.
9 January 2019
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