BlueMind’s collaborative calendar is a productivity-enhancing tool packed with great features, made to make your life easier and save time. It works perfectly no matter how you access it: browser, mobile, Outlook or Thunderbird.
24 September 2021
The death of email has been announced dozens of times in the last few years. But who wants it dead? And why? BlueMind leads the investigation
31 August 2021
When it comes to business email signatures, there’s a variety of approaches: The gaudy Christmas tree-like version with lights flashing all over, whose size is…
9 August 2021
BlueMind has developed a software infrastructure and tools to manage tens of thousands of email users in a smooth and resilient way. But this is only the tip of the iceberg…
30 June 2021
On the evening of 16 March, French President Emmanuel Macron gave a historic speech, punctuated with six “We’re at war”, announcing the first country-wide lockdown…
30 March 2021
It’s here at last! BlueMind’s new webmail is available (as a beta version). It’s taken six developers three years’ hard work to bring you this new application, and its development is still ongoing, so watch this space!
26 February 2021
If 2021 still looks a lot like its predecessor, we can still consider it in a much more optimistic and positive way! In any case for your email you can already apply good resolutions inspired by Marie Kondo, Gandalf, James Bond and Marty McFly so that your emails will never be a source of stress. 
22 January 2021
A feature that quickly becomes a must-have for sending large files without worries.
18 December 2020
A software publisher’s job is to build, brick by brick. Staying on course. Not letting yourself get side-tracked from your objectives
1 December 2020
In the blind spot of public environmental policies, digital technologies have an increasing impact on climate change. The good news is : something can be done about it easily, starting today.
29 October 2020
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