Accessibility is the ability of software to be used by everyone. Find out how BlueMind has integrated accessibility into its webmail.
29 April 2021
If 2021 still looks a lot like its predecessor, we can still consider it in a much more optimistic and positive way! In any case for your email you can already apply good resolutions inspired by Marie Kondo, Gandalf, James Bond and Marty McFly so that your emails will never be a source of stress. 
22 January 2021
The health crisis that’s been affecting the world since the beginning of the year has unfortunately come with a series of cyberattacks: public administrations, businesses,…
30 April 2020
CNLL’s latest study published in early 2020 showed that “the open-source software industry in France is predicted to grow by 9% consistently every year until 2023,…
26 March 2020
IT decision-makers must be able to assess the total cost of a business email solution when looking into a migration project. Here are a few tips on what you need to bear in mind.
24 January 2020
The wave of digital transformation is revolutionizing the way we work. Overview of open source (or not) solutions for new “digital workplaces”.
2 December 2019
BlueMind’s latest feature lets you manage videoconferencing resources.   September is synonymous with “back-to-school” and fresh starts. It is a month full of promises that…
14 October 2019
Your suitcases are packed and your plane tickets neatly put away with your passport. This time, you haven’t forgotten the sunscreen or the mosquito repellent.…
22 July 2019
When a system breaks downs or malfunctions, finding the cause can often be tricky. This is why BlueMind 3.5.9 integrates a full (open-source) platform metrics,…
16 July 2019
The Paris Open Source Summit, Europe’s first open-source event, will be held on 5-6 December at the Paris Docks. The 2018 edition, whose Programme President is none other than Pierre Baudracco, BlueMind’s CEO, will highlight the importance of open source in the digital revolution and how its growing impact is transforming many industries. IT businesses are in constant revolution and CIOs play a key role in keeping their companies in the game. We’ve taken stock of the six key challenges awaiting them in the next few months – or years.
23 November 2018
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