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IT decision-makers must be able to assess the total cost of a business email solution when looking into a migration project. Here are a few tips on what you need to bear in mind.
24 January 2020
Commissioned by CNLL, Syntec Numérique and Pôle Systematic Paris-Region, Teknowlogy Group has unveiled 2019 European and French open-source market figures and growth forecasts. This study covers…
20 December 2019
The wave of digital transformation is revolutionizing the way we work. Overview of open source (or not) solutions for new “digital workplaces”.
2 December 2019
Software-Defined Storage BlueMind now helps you manage large email volumes by enabling Software-Defined Storage (SDS). SDS is a marketing term used for policy-based data storage…
23 October 2019
BlueMind’s latest feature lets you manage videoconferencing resources.   September is synonymous with “back-to-school” and fresh starts. It is a month full of promises that…
14 October 2019
One of the key objectives of our R&D on the BlueMind solution is to design a modern architecture capable of meeting the demands of all…
11 September 2019
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