Suggestion Box – a new approach to deal with new features

Our job as a software publisher is to listen to our users’ expectations and enhance our product to meet them. Being open source is what makes BlueMind unique. Yet openness can sometimes be detrimental to its development. As a result of our product’s success, we’ve had enormous amounts technical and functional feedback and we’ve had to … Continue reading “Suggestion Box – a new approach to deal with new features”

Integrate your Doodle events to BlueMind effortlessly!

BlueMind v3.5 allows users to create several calendars to organise their activities. Calendars can be managed manually but they can also come from external calendar sources such as Doodle or Gmail. Here are 4 common uses for this new feature: Display your Doodle events in your calendar Retrieve your BlueMind availabilities in Doodle applications Display an … Continue reading “Integrate your Doodle events to BlueMind effortlessly!”

Memorise calendar views with BlueMind!

Congratulations, you’re finally equipped with an innovative mail solution and you’ve convinced your teams, employees and colleagues to use its collaborative features: business calendars are shared, resources (rooms, vehicles, etc.) are now included and can be managed and booked in BlueMind, you’ve created several personal calendars to keep track of your activities (business, official, personal, … Continue reading “Memorise calendar views with BlueMind!”

Tutorial: writing a BlueMind add-on

So here you are with your shiny BlueMind setup. You’ve heard about our grand architecture plans, extension points, p2 platform, REST API, but you find it hard to get started. Rejoice! This article has been written just for you. You need to know some java, and be more or less familiar with maven. Your goal: a dummy scheduled … Continue reading “Tutorial: writing a BlueMind add-on”

BlueMind turns Thunderbird into a true collaborative client!

A frequent obstacle to the adoption of an Open Source mail server is the predominance of Outlook as a thick client because Outlook always works differently – and therefore more or less smoothly – with severs other than Exchange… until BlueMind’s soon-to-come innovation which will bring native Outlook support! This is a matter of user habit, … Continue reading “BlueMind turns Thunderbird into a true collaborative client!”